We Offer The Best Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Anywhere. Providing Low Cost Hard Disk Data Recovery Service With Free Evaluation, Data Recovery Guarantee, No Hidden Cost and Free FedEx Return Shipping!

SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery provides the best service at the lowest cost anywhere in the industry serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond starting at just $169 with over 20 years of disk storage experience. What makes SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery different is that we believe in an honest, straightforward approach and guarantee that we will recover your data or there's no charge. Our service can save you hundreds to even thousands from what other capable companies would charge for the same exact service. Our disk storage engineers can provide a fast, risk free, expert evaluation at no cost. For more information about our expert hard drive data recovery service please see details below.

Our Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Cost

Our hard drive data recovery service starts at just $169 with a $269-$769 range for more severe Level II and Level III failures. We include a Free Evaluation, Free Expedited Service, Guaranteed Data Recovery or there's No Charge with NO Hidden Cost and FREE FedEx Return Shipping! With SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery, ALL customers are important to us, which means every customer receives FREE priority service and weekend service at no additional charge. We immediately look at every hard drive submitted where FREE Evaluation is often completed the same day! Our average data recovery service takes 2-5 days while other companies charge large expedite fees for turn around we provide standard. Please contact us for Low Cost Server, SAN, NAS and RAID Data Recovery Service pricing.


What We Perform Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery From

We perform Hard Disk Data Recovery on all drives including Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba and Fujitsu. We perform Desktop, Laptop and Notebook Computer Data Recovery on brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Emachines, Toshiba, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, Sony and Apple which use the above hard drive brands. External Hard Drive Data Recovery includes Western Digital My Book, WD Passport, Maxtor OneTouch, Seagate FreeAgent, LaCie, Iomega, SimpleTech, Cavalry, Acomdata, Fantom, Verbatim and all other external hard drive brands and models. We also provide Professional Low Cost Server, NAS, SAN and RAID Data Recovery Services.

What NOT to do after a Hard Drive Failure. Don't Risk Your Data!

We recommend that after experiencing a hard drive failure to immediately stop using the hard disk. Attempting to access a failing or failed hard drive by anyone else could further decrease the chances of recovering your drive's data. Running so-called "Data Recovery Software" can increase and spread media damage grinding off magnetic subsurface that CONTAINS DATA and information needed to recover the data from your failing hard drive. NEVER hit, tap, shake or open a hard drive. Misguided hard drive recovery attempts can cause damage to the point of hard disk recovery no longer being possible. If you have a failed RAID we do not recommend performing a rebuild as this can lead to data loss.

Warning Before Sending Your Hard Drive Anywhere Else

There are other data recovery companies that advertise one low flat rate which sounds good, right? However, companies that charge one flat rate are usually looking for what we consider "easy data recoveries" we would charge just $169 for. There are "other" data recovery companies that are not even qualified as we've seen hard drives "other" data recovery companies had destroyed! There are also other companies that use fear, hype, slick marketing and sales tactics to justify charging thousands of dollars! We've had customers tell us other companies advertised low cost data recovery then tried to charge several times as much! A well known company with fake reviews lied quoting $2000 for a recovery we charged just $399 for! One customer told us they were promised $750 for service elsewhere then told $1900 after sending it in! Another customer was quoted a cheap flat rate THEN told $2500 after the hard drive was sent in! Another customer with a failed RAID Array told us that a well known company quoted 10 times what we ended up charging! There are other data recovery companies claiming no data no pay still charging hidden costs! DON'T BE A VICTIM! We provide hard drive recovery service you can trust!

About Our Low Cost Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery employs disk storage engineers each with over 20 years of industry experience. The founder of SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery worked for a "top" Data Recovery Company. One of the first in the industry, a worldwide leader with over 20 years Hard Drive Repair, Hard Disk Recovery experience and in the business before 99% of all other data recovery companies were even on the map! We provide the same exact capability as all top companies in the industry at the absolute lowest cost anywhere. With our expert hard drive recovery service every hard drive goes directly to our highly qualified disk storage engineers who run the process start to finish.

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